Short Time Training 4: SPAIN – Manresa (29 – 31/03/2022)

The social care and employment sector in Spain

  People with Intellectual disability Community Service provider


Whats the added value? Ø  Ampans Foundation the possibilities, the structures, the human and financial means.


Ø  Wide selection at the entrance


Ø  Self-confidence

Ø  New experiences

Ø  Wider social integration

Ø  Expression for finding a job



Ø  the support they receive throughout their work trajectory within 1 organization. The different forms of working within this organization and in collaboration with other companies? Learning is also given a big place here


Ø  They often have a different vision of the things they do, and sometimes it can be useful to improve the work of every other worker to apply the special working protocol and customs used for them.

Ø  Conviviality and responsibility

Ø  Inclusion success

Ø  Round trip


Ø  Acknowledge of disabled people’s abilities

Ø  Respect towards people with disabilities

Ø  Strengthening the idea of active citizenship

Ø  Fight against unemployment



Ø  People with disabilities are simply part of the community, have their place and can participate and contribute



Ø  Projection of shared objectives

Ø  Integration through employment, social monitoring, quality support

Ø  Promotes local products


Ø  Acknowledge of disabled people’s abilities

Ø  Respect towards people with disabilities

Ø  Contribution to a noble cause

Ø  Better understanding of the needs of our beneficiaries and their desires


Ø  Enrichment of good practices


Ø  Ampans is a large organization with various options and trajectories that they can follow together with people with disabilities

What are the key factors to succes? Ø  Performance

Ø  Diversity of proposal

Ø  Goal to production, and significant production

Ø  Part-time (time arrangement)

Ø  Valuation of work



Ø  Persistence

Ø  Self-trust

Ø  Support from professionals

Ø  Support from the State

Ø  Team-building

Ø  Active role

Ø  For me the fact that they remain under the wings of Ampans, with

trusted people,

many possibilities , many seems to be an added value


Ø  The person with disability should be instructed and followed step by step in the job placement.

Ø  Constantly improving one’s well-being and self-esteem paths






Ø  Diversity of skillsØ  Opening to the public

Ø  Round trip

Ø  Support and work not limited in time

Ø  Royal Decree

Ø  Environmental awareness


Ø  Educational programs

Ø  Vocational programs

Ø  Open mindness

Ø  Trust diverse social groups

Ø  Flexibility

Ø  they are valued, are equals and are given a role within the community


Ø  Maintaining a high level of exchange of experiences


Ø  Very good organization

Ø  Valuation of work

Ø  security



Ø  Flexibility

Ø  Life-long learning

Ø  Research

Ø  Active involvement through examples that are easy for them to understand

Ø  Team-building

Ø  Different opportunities within1 organization. They walk a journey together



Ø  Path sharing

Which barriers do we identify? Ø  Performance, more limited job orientation, remote and small or too large workplaces, and no silos

Ø  Part-time (salary)



Ø  Aging of workers



Ø  The models often are not adapted to peoples’ needs.

Ø  Do they have options other than Ampans?


Ø  How to prove disability? Many people are reluctant to get/ask for a certificate of disability


Ø  High unemployment rate for people with disabilities.

Ø  Companies offer few opportunities



Ø  Companies aren’t used to people with different needs

Ø  Financial resourses (few funding)





Ø  Heterogeneous groups (e.g. different kinds of disability)

How to reduce the identified barriers? Ø  Allocation that offsets production targets

Ø  More social interaction

Ø   More adapted models for peoples’ needs.


Ø  Companies need to know more about people with disability and their potential. It may be useful to create a special fund to facilitate the recruitment for disabled people.

Ø  Increase exchange possibilities, as is done in Valorempl

Ø  Post Help

Ø  Increase of social responsibility of enterprises.



Ø  Interaction + integration

Ø  Partition and structure spaces

Ø  Wider promotion

Ø  Stronger cooperation wih Public and Private Sector

Ø  Ongoing awareness-raising and training

Read the full final report: Spain Manresa Final Report