Short Time Training 1: ITALY: Bologna (02 – 06/12/2019)

The social care and employment sector in Italy and Emilia-Romagna

ValorEmpl evaluation grid
  People with Intellectual disability Community Service provider


What is the added value? ·  Self-confidence;

·  Flexibility of the working hours and conditions;

·  Adaptability to the skills and capacity of people;

·  Gain of experience;

·  Respect of people work also under the financial angle: salary but also contributions for pension;

·  social integration

·   Acknowledgment of people skills

·   Respect of disability;

·   Participation in the community development.


·   Inclusion;

·   Acknowledgment of people skills;

·   Respect of disability;

·   Contribution to social inclusion;

·   Strong connection with the local community.


What are the key factors to success?


·   Working together: people with disability are involved  in the working activities together with the rest of the employees;

·   Flexible working conditions;

·   Visions and persistence

·   Valorisation of disadvantaged people;

·   Support to people.

·     Open mind and inclusion;

·     collaboration between the different partners;

·     Valorisation of quality and inclusion over a pure economic analysis.

·    Flexibility;

·    Believing in people belonging to disadvantaged groups;

·     Educational and training programs;

·    Life-long learning;

·    Collaboration between different groups and organisations;

·    Support from the State: fiscal incentives.



Which barriers do we identify? ·   Prejudices;

·   Exposure of people with disability while working;

·   No financial support in the passage from A to B cooperatives


·    Prejudices;

·    Ignorance;

·    Diffidence.

·   Financial resources;

·   No support in the passage from A to B cooperatives



How to reduce the identified barriers? ·   More social interaction;

·   Employees can become members of the cooperative. This gives you full participation and the possibility to share in the profit.

·    Raise awareness: helping people to see talents, and not (only) disabilities. ·     Fundraising events;

·     Wider promotion;

·     Stronger cooperation with Public sector and enterprises from the Private Sector.

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